30th Jul 2020, 7:00 AM in All That Glitters

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SilverLunarwing edit delete
Thanks for reading!

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Snowvulpix (Guest) edit delete reply
ok simple question. When do you post new pages? Are you aiming for a regular schedule or are you posting when can? I'm looking forward to new pages I just haven't found when and/or how frequent the pages are uploaded. Also loving the story and work.
SilverLunarwing edit delete reply
I update on Thursdays at 7am EST
Snowvulpix (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you
noblejanobii edit delete reply
Smooth Grace, smooth
Cyra-King edit delete reply
these kids are such kids i LOVE them
Mango Cat edit delete reply
Mango Cat
Nice job Grace.
PuppyLover4 edit delete reply
In love how Comet is confused and Kari is suspicious. You did a great job expressing their emotions!
NeoEmolga edit delete reply
Pft, these two can't lie to save their lives! XD
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